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NAMM Jan 24-27

May 19 Bordeaux France

Sept 1-7 Bourganeouf France

Aug. 14-17 Chalabre France

​Sep 9 Release "Kissed by the Sun"

Sept 11 Official Lyric Video "Kissed by the Sun"

Sep 25 Venezuelan Interview Venezuelan Radio

Tesla 91.9 FM w/Marielena Villamizar Filippini 4PM Eastern 

Sept 29 Radio Fresh on Air Interview Dallas TX

10::AM Central

​Sept 30 Canadian Radio TBA


JAN 01/13 Launch Aaron Todd Store

JAN 1/17 Recording Session w/The Violet Reality

Jan 25-28- Winter NAMM Show 2018 (Casio Booth)

Feb 4  KPFK's FM Heroes Of Hope Concert & Brunch

Feb 25the Amplyfi 5617 1/2 Melrose LA 90038

Feb 25 77 Lounge 3843 Main Culver City 11:00 PM w/Tom Browne

APRIL 22 The Viper Room 8852 W. Sunset Blvd Hollywood CA 90069

May 7-9 ASCAP Create Music Expo, Hollywood

June 25, Houston Texas

June, 30 Atlanta GA

Aug 12-26  Le Festival des Chansons d'Amour
Carcasonne France

Aug 28-29 Netherlands Dates

Aug 30 Gueret France

Sept. 12 Brussels Private Event

Sept 13 Hilversum Netherlands (guest of Charmplay at Vorstin)

Sept 16 Amsterdam, Waterhole

October 6 Reykavick Iceland (private event)

Dec 2 NCompass Private Event Santa Monica CA


Jan 18-22 NAMM Show (Casio Booth)

Jan 20 Election Monologues Greenway Ct.Theatre, Santa Monica
Feb. 9 Election Monologue Beyond Baroque Venice Beach
Mar 17 Het Musiater Zefanaard Netherlands
Mar 19 de Vorstin, Hilversum Netherlands
Mar 20 Interview w/Michelle Paiva The Radical Sacred Life Panel
Mar 23 The Waterhole Amsterdam
Mar 24 The Dauphine, Amsterdam
Mar 25 Cafe Boomerang, Schiedam
Mar 29 Online airing of the Radical Sacred Life
Online Summit w/Michelle Paiva
Sept 2  Le Festival des Chansons d'Amour
Carcasonne France
June 25 Houston Texas
June 30 Atlanta GA
June 5-9, Miami
Sept. 2 Le Festival des Chansons d'Amour Carcasonne France
Oct 16 Control Total Interview w/Marielena Villamizar, 91.9 FM Tesla Radio  Anaco Venezuela
Dec 11 Control Total Christmas Show 91.9 FM Tesla Radio, Anaco Venezuela
Dec 19 Live Interview Brownehill Radio, Lagos 



Jan 14-19 NATPE Miami Florida
NAMM Jan 19-22 Casio Booth/IK Multimedia
Mar 10-19 South by Southwest
Nov 5- Reykjavik Iceland
Nov 6-Paris
Nov 25- Paris
Nov 30 London, UK
Pays du Limousine interview Limoges France (published Feb 2017)
Live Radio Interview Nigeria (DJ Ray Bola)
​​Dec 1 Centre International D'Arte Du Paysage

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Aaron Todd  Presents Russian Actress/Singer

Elena Karenina

The International Dance Single

"You Turned the Night (Into Day)"

Written and Produced by Aaron Todd

Available 9/13/2017

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Contact: Rene Smit
31 6 46 23 60 55

The new album 


Explaining further? Ummm not so much. But hey, it's coffee and you, why would I need to? Happy Sunday

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