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Aaron Todd, also known as (Aaron Tee, Aaron T., born Aaron Todd Hatch, is an American musician, published author, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and music producer.  He is also a respected interviewer on the subjects of art music and politics, and has produced well received artist to artist interviews for radio and television.  He is affiliated with SAG/AFTRA and has been a principal actor in award winning commercials such as Coca-Cola’s “World Dance,” 

Born in Queens NY, he is the son of 70’s jet-set evangelist, the late Robert E. Hatch.
He began his career in the church singing, playing organ, piano and drums, travelling with his father across country.  He began recording professionally after his family moved to Columbus Ohio, when discovered at 15 by former Motown Producer and recording artist .Bobby Taylor.  He recorded one album for Bee Tee Records, and also was the lead vocalist for the Taylor produced group Free.

After graduating, and losing both parents, and an older brother,  Aaron Todd moved to Los Angeles California where he would work with Barry White’s Unlimited Gold Records.  He was a keyboardist and vocalist on several projects including Barry White’s guitarist Emmit North, and Barry White’s godson, Chuckii Booker, who would later produce Lionel Richie, Janet Jackson, Vanessa Williams and many others).  It was Chuckii Booker that would introduce Todd to Barry White, and ask him to join his “New World” Project.  Between 1990 and 2005, He was mentored in production and songwriting by producers Dale Kimberlin, of Kimberlin Productions, and Chris Powell.  He would later co-write with mentors, Grammy Award winning arranger and producer Jerry Peters, (Earth Wind and Fire, Friends of Distinction, Whitney Houston, Kirk Whalum,)  Atlantic Records Producer and arranger David Crawford, (Vesta Williams, Confunction, Mighty Clouds of Joy, B.B. King, Candy Stanton) and Keg Johnson,..The Sylvers, Slave, Steve Arrington ).  He caught the eye of Chaka Khan during her Studio 54 Sessions in Passadena CA and played piano on original recordings, with Chaka on drums.  His voice would also catch the ear of Dionne Warwick during her “We Are the World,” style project for abused children, “Let Them Know We Care,”  Aaron Todd was to be a featured vocalist alongside Martika, Rashaan Patterson, and Melba Moore.  Aaron Todd continued to write music, while he attended the University of California Irvine to study English/and Comaprative Literature.

In early 2000, through 2009, Aaron Todd began performing original material on college campuses and toured California.  He later formed a supporting band of well known studio, and touring musicians called Aaron Todd and The Movement, and began opening for artists such as Meshell N’dege O’cello, Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise, Billy Cobham, Neo Soul recording Artist Dwele, Glenn Tillbrook and Squeeze.  In addition has participated in a number of youth music awareness programs in Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Guret France.

In 2010 Aaron Todd began producing Soul on Sunset, and T’s Independent Soul, two independent interview programs, one recorded for radio, and the other in a variety of live audience settings.  Interviews included conversations with Rosie Gaines, Geraldo Rivera, Leon Sylvers, Cornel West, the late Chalmers Johnson, Kristina Borjessen, Robert Townsend and others.  Some of these programs became an award-winning part of the Sprouts network and aired on NPR and Pacifica stations nationally, and on the web world-wide.  

In 2014, Aaron Todd became a Casio Music artist                                                          and he is currently joining fellow Casio artist RoShon Fagan to conduct a series of workshops for The Guitar Center. (Check the calendar for dates). He is also working on music production with Rika Muranaka AAA writer and producer for the gaming industry, and Tony Haynes II renowned soul and pop writer/producer and author.  Aaron Todd will be performing at a variety of live venues, including NAMM and South by Southwest 2017.  In addition, he is expected to release his self-produced CD titled “Days of Grace,” and his book "The Tao of Music (Reflections On Living a Musical Life"  He will be on tour in Europe in March 2017.