The Coffee and You Mug with black handle and black inside Item #CAY002

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The Coffee and You Mug which was inspired by Aaron Todd's social media posts, comes with the Aaron Todd logo and one of his original Haikus on the back side. Item #CAY001

Nuhippie Hat White (printed) cotton cap,

with his trademark phrase: "Music Gives Knowledge Wings"   (signed) 

More Colors coming soon

Contact US for CDs and Limited edition Vinyl available are available by special order



. . . NuhippieShoes will be available for order soon!!!!!

AaronTodd designed, manufactured in Italy.  These LIMITED EDITION, "YellowDaze" Shoes are Hand crafted uni-sex slip-ons made of comfy leather made in Italy by master shoemakers, No expense was spared to keep you looking cool and feeling comfortable.  Summer doesn't last forever, but, all your days can be YellowDaze. . . in a pair of NuhippieShoes

​                              Shipping SOON!!!!

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TWO:  Aaron Todd's GoFundme Campaign  exists to help Aaron Todd to take his music abroad through live performance, teaching and public speaking.  To date he has visited 7 countries including  France, the Netherlands, and Germany with more requests coming in. The challenge in today's world is that to do the work you have to get there., and travel is an expense often left to the artist.  Assistance with the any support to cover the expense of travel is so very appreciated.  Donors of $100.00 or more US, are automatically shipped their item of choice from the store, (ONE item per donation), with no shipping costs, any where in the world where shipping is possible.  Don't want Merch today?  No worries, consider supporting the work anyway! EVERY donation helps!!!

Aaron Todd Limited Edition canvas bag, with his trademark phrase: "Music Gives Knowledge Wings"   (signed)

Aaron  Tee-Shirts 100% Cotton (Embroidered T and Polo Styles)

Aaron Todd Branded Mouse Pad (signed)

Things You Can Use (More to Come!!)

Aaron Todd Branded Ballpoint Pen